December 2, 2015

Fencing is commonly used for home décor and security all over the world. It has different styles which are selected according to the requirement of certain place. Likewise the use of material for fencing also depends upon different factors like fencing purpose, dimensions of the area to be fenced and type of land. In this article we will discuss different categories of fences with their purpose and material required to install those fences.

Privacy Fences

Privacy is the prime concern of many people living in houses with open backyards and lawns. In such houses they feel strange in having some open air BBQ or feel insecure in letting their children play in the lawn. At such places, Privacy Fences can solve the issue. In such fences normally tightly spaced vertical panels are used. Wood panels or planks are ideal material for such sort of fencing. Other than classic wood, bamboo poles can also be used. Bamboo poles also help out in increasing height of the fence without much effort.

Fences for Security

Home security is a corps issue in the present world. Keeping our loved ones away from bad boys is essential to have tension free life. Installation of the security fence at easily accessible points of our homes will reduce penetration chances of any bad element in our premises. Security fence can be erected using different materials, but a heavy steel palisade fence will cause much delay to any intruder as compared to other security fence materials. Other than residential areas our isolated commercial compounds are exposed to thieves. A smartly built barbed wire fence supported by pickets will ensure safety of the compound. Another type of security fences is seen around prisoner cells or other such places where more than usual security is required. In these fences razor wire and barbed wire are used together in order to augment its effectiveness.

Fences for Decoration 

Fences can also be used for beautification of certain area by establishing property lines or by adding a shape to the landscape. To do this we don’t need strong or obstructive fence, a small fence with maximum four feet height will serve the purpose. In decorative fences any material can be used. Gates can also be incorporated to enhance the outlook of a house or they can also serve as entry and exit points in an area that is fenced all round.

Safety Fences

For creating a dog run, to enclose a private pool, or save our home from wildlife, the best choice available is mesh fencing. Different materials can be used to build a wire mesh like metal or plastic depending upon the budget available.

There are so many things to keep in mind while choosing a fence. A well thought out fence design and material will serve for a longer duration. So make no hustle while making your fencing plan.


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