Hand rail suppliers in KZN

May 6, 2016

Hand rail suppliers in KZN

hand rail is a rail that is designed to be grabbed by the hand so as to offer strength or stability. Handrails are generally used while going up or down stairways and escalators in command to avoid damaging falls. Other uses include bathroom railings—which help to avoid falls on greasy, wet floors—and Barres, which serve as teaching assistances for ballet dancers. Handrails are normally supported by supports or mounted straight to the walls.

Tubular standards: These handrails are designed to meet all the industrial, residential or municipal applications. They have the unique design and they can be erected and transported easily in all the applications.


Solid welded standards: This type of handrails is made from 32mm diameter and 38 mm hard bars. Ball sizes vary to fit the hand railing passing through. 60 mm diameter balls which are used to fit 33.7 mm diameter hand railing. 70 mm diameter balls are also used to fit 33.7 mm and 42.4 mm diameter hand railing. These types of handrails are used by the people mostly, they are one of the oldest ways and they still produce great power and fixing at a particular area.


Hand rail suppliers: SHS Products – UK Balustrade Manufacturers:  their scheme and strict teams have worked carefully with many top brands, companies and organizations, supplying glass handrails and stainless steel handrails to the likes of

  • Marks & Spencer
  • Selfridges
  • The National History Museum
  • Bentley
  • Audi
  • West Bromwich Albion Football Club
  • Bet 365

As famous and reliable handrail dealers across the UK they always look to deliver excellent quality and efficiency to both the individuals and organizations.

Simple Handrails in UK:  There are different manufactures o handrails in UK. The idea is that they supply excellence Architectural Metalwork items at equitable prices and you either fit the items manually if you are capable or source a builder/ installer. Any native builder should be able to fit your items at a reasonable rate; this is because they aren’t setting their own mark up on something as you have previously brought it.

Hand rail suppliers in KZN:

Some best hand rail suppliers in KZN are:

BRILLIANT BALUSTRADES: Brilliant Balustrades KZN productions supplies and fixes modular shaped polycrete handrails. Their product was first propelled in 1996 and has been advanced over the years into a creation of superior quality that permits you to enjoy the standard beauty of traditional handrails, without the repairs. Their hand railing cost less than alike timber, steel or aluminum goods and is far greater to traditional solid hand railings.

COASTAL PROJECTS: Coastal Projects deal a range of services, but focus on the manufacture of Gates and Fencing (hand railing). They also do: Home Developments & Building Modifications, Steel Manufacture, Waterproofing, Maintenances & Preservation, Painting, Floor & Wall Roofing, Concrete Slabs and more essentially contracts in hand railings etc.


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