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About Us

Brissimons Steel was established in March 1999. It is a family business with three members namely Edwin Arnold Simons, Dehlia Simons and Carl Merlin Simons who collectively have over 35 years experience in the steel industry. Brissimons complies with all statutory bodies and boasts a Level 1 BBBEE status.

Our Vision

Brissimons Steel’s vision is to be a world class steel merchant for both local and international markets.

Brissimons Steel is the only BEE status level 1 steel supplier in Pietermaritzburg and one of the very few in Kwazulu-Natal. Brissimons is also the only black owned steel business that supplies, fabricates and erects steel as one entity in Pietermaritzburg and one of the very few in Kwazulu-Natal.

Our Mission

Brissimons’ mission is dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and service with a smile.

Our Products

Below is a list of our primary steel products that we supply and install. To view an example of the product, simply hover over the product items icon on the left.

Guard Railings

Supply and installation of industry compliant guard railings for roads and motorways as well as private and commercial areas.

Structural Steel

Supply, fabrication and installation of industry compliant beams, tubings, lipped channels, plates, angles, nuts and bolts as well as consumables for all structures:
- Warehouses
- Buildings
- Carports
- Steel Tanks
- Truck Bodies/Trailers

Hand Railings

Supply and installation of industry compliant steel hand railings in a multitude of styles and sizes for public and private sectors.


Supply of industry compliant steel bars (y8-y20) and steel mesh sheets for the general construction and civil construction sectors.

Steel Fencing

Supply and installation of superior quality steel fencing in various heights and meshes for coverage of large and small areas.

Steel Roofing

Supply and installation of industry compliant galvanised and colour steel roof sheets, flashing, cladding and capping for private and commercial use.

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