May 6, 2016


Steel suppliers are found in every city, there is usually more than enough to choose from but the question is which one will be the best for you? In some cases they don’t only supply the also erect and fabricate steel. Working in a steel company I have encountered a number of customers who need steel but they don’t know exactly what they want or the customer is looking for a price that matches his/her budget.

As a customer firstly you need to know that it’s okay to contact any company and request information about the type of steel that is best suited for want you want to do. It’s important that when you are dealing with a sales person she /he must be able to help you with what you need. The sales person must be able to advise you on what material is the best to do the job and what are the dos and don’ts. In any steel supplying company if they fall short on the above mentioned qualities its highly likely that in their service there will be limiting factors to making you happy and getting what you need, so my advice stay away from supplies that don’t have full knowledge on what to offer you.

The price is more important than any thing else. Before contacting a steel supplier draw up a budget or in simple terms decide how much you are willing to spend on the material, why? This will give you room to negotiate with the sales person until you get the best price, but if you have not set a budget the sales person will price you on a high mark up rate on the material and you get to spend money that you could have saved. Setting a budget before approaching a sales person puts you in the position where you control the negotiating process and it gives you the upper hand. Never make a decision when you have only consulted one company, shop around for the best price. The first three companies to give you a quotation are the ones you want to work with, if a company take their own time and delay to respond to you with a quote stay away from them reason been if they take long to answer your request how long will they take to deliver your material or even process you order?

Steel suppliers have one common goal which is to make the customer happy. So don’t hesitate to contact any company if you need steel. Most steel companies offer free deliver so if anyone is charging you to deliver make them you last option unless where you want the material to be delivered is quite far. Make the call now.


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