Steel Tank

May 6, 2016

Steel Tank: Useful Information on This Type of Tanks

A steel tank is a storage device that can be used to hold a broad range of items. Different industries use steel tanks to keep elements such as gases, water, chemicals and even bulky materials. Some of the industries that have a heavy reliance on this kind of tank include; the beverage industry, agricultural companies, pharmaceutical companies and waste water and sewage companies.

Steel is the material favored by many manufacturers for the production of storage tanks. Steel is preferred due to its ease of use, as well as flexibility. Quality steel tanks are known for their ability to prevent corrosion, making them the ideal substances for use in storing materials that are hazardous.

Resistance to high temperatures is another reason attributed to the popularity of steel tanks. However, you will find that a steel tank is vulnerable to buckling especially when proper construction and transportation methods are not observed.

Brissimons Steel, a leading steel tank supplier, constructs the tanks in drum-like or cylindrical shapes of thin walls made of stainless steel. It is the standard construction design, even though it is not the only design that can be used when constructing a tank. Brissimons products range from small (one-gallon tanks) to industry size storage tanks that can hold thousands of gallons with ease.

The tanks can either be horizontally or vertically oriented depending on the properties of the steel used. The final shape of the tank is heavily influenced by properties of the items that are to be stored. The amount of space kept aside for use in holding the tank is also a factor considered during construction.

Even though the stainless steel tanks are capable of preventing corrosion, this does not mean that they are not susceptible to leaks. Regular testing is required so as to make sure that they are not leaking. Tanks are tested by pressure testing, subsurface testing, or through the removal of the entire tank.

Quality steel tanks from Brissimons are built by using submersible pumps. The pumps get submerged in the tanks, and once inside, they immediately start pumping out fluids in any leaking tank. The submersible pumps can also be used in the extraction of pollutants from ground water.

It is important to note that stainless steel tanks are very durable, and will not warp or bulge easily. They are also easy to install meaning that you do not have to worry about spending a lot of money through an installation process. For more information on steel tanks, and the products manufactured by Brissimons, please visit


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