What Is Mild Steel?

December 2, 2015

Mild steel the most commonly used material, as its price is relatively low but its properties are not compromised. Compared to stainless steel it doesn’t stand a chance but it can be made stronger by increasing the hardness of its surface through carburizing( carburizing is a heat treatment process in which iron absorbs carbon liberated when the metal is heated in the presence of a carbon bearing material).

You get the black and bright drawn mild steel. Black is made by a process called hot rolling process. Rolling is a metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness and make the thickness uniform. The black metal is normally the one with a rough surface and its cuttings are not perfect as in straightness or flatness. Bright drawn M/S is a highly improved quality material. This metal is the one you see every day the street poles, mall structures, vehicle etc. The bright steel has more consistent hardness and increased tensile strength but it rusts.

Rusting is not a problem for this material because it can be prevented. You can under coat this metal with a metal primer, be careful when using the primer it comes in different grades and the best grades guarantee you the best results. There are many other methods to prevent rust; my personal favorite is galvanizing the finished product. This means once you have made your product you take the pieces for galvanizing. Very important whether it’s galvanizing or under coating maintenance is required to keep the steel in good condition.

Did you know? 

Mild Steel can be coated using oil or grease, this will seal it and helps prevent rusting.


M/S is a softer metal making it easy to weld and it doesn’t require specialized techniques. When welding this metal ensure that it’s chipped, if it is not chipped the paint or coat on the weld peels off, then that’s where the material will start to rust.

When using this material always tries to use the thicker size, even though the price might be expensive.

Some interesting facts about M/S:

  • Mild steel is an example of ferrous metals.
  • If you take a steel bar 2,54 cm/25mm in diameter and attach this bar to your roof or ceiling Safely you can hang 2 and a half African elephants.
  • M/S is flexible, it can bend without cracking.

• M/S like any other steel loses its strength in a fire (only in very high degrees).