Why You Need Steel Roofing

May 6, 2016

Why You Need Steel Roofing

Traditionally, steel based roofing materials have always been used in farm, industrial and commercial capacities. Advancements in technology have made it possible to have them used in residential properties as well. They are not only economical but also very practical and come in a variation of colors.

The oven baked steel panel sheets are lighter than any other roofing materials on the market at the moment. Though light, they are still stronger, easier to install and maintain than any other product. Steel roofing panels are puncture resistant, durable, resistant to heat and fire, and most importantly, environment-friendly.

Under normal weather conditions, the panels are in a position to prevent chipping, peeling, and perforation and to crack for up to forty years. Compared to other materials, this is quite an achievement as most of them start to break and lose their flexibility as they age. It, therefore, becomes necessary to replace them after ten years. You need not worry about this when using steel based materials.

Steel will with time lose its original shine, but you can always repaint it thereby restoring it back to life. The panels are ideal and can be used with any architectural style imaginable.

The panels are custom cut in the factory to lengths of up to 40 feet. Once cut, they are then fastened from the ridge cup all the way to the eave on a single sheet to help minimize the total number of joints and seams used. By reducing the number of seams and joints present, it helps lessen the possibility of leakage taking place.

This combined with the fact that it is made using advanced technology makes it ideal for use in a home. It provides a worry-free and long-lasting solution for all your roofing needs.

If you are in the process of renovating, then you need not worry about removing the old roofing. You can just install lumber straps and fasten the panels over the old material. The renovated structure will look as good as new once again.

Steel roof requires little and at times no maintenance at all. It may, however, be important to clean the roof surface periodically using a garden hose. Cleaning it this way helps remove any natural contaminants that might be in place include soot spots from the chimney.

The best way to eliminate scratches from the surface is to use touch up paint. Use any colors to help restore the original color, shine and beautiful finish.

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